Movember on Campus: Style Guide

Are you lacking Movember inspiration? Or worried what the men of universities nationwide will look like for a month? Don’t worry – The Tab is here to help

With November fast approaching there is one thought taking siege in the minds of young guys all over the country.

I am, of course, talking about Movember. As moustache mania will soon be spreading like an Australian wildfire, the widely pondered, million-dollar, question is: ‘what kind of moustache shall I grow?’ Or, in the case of many fresh-faced fellows of first year, ‘what kind of moustache can I even grow?’.

Here, The Tab brings you a guide to Movember: different styles of moustaches (as worn by our own students) and which styles to avoid, because, at the end of the day, we don’t want to c*ckblock ourselves. Or do we?

 The Lady Tickler

This little furry friend requires both time and maintenance to acquire, but be patient and curl the ends with a little hair wax and you’ll be hearing the comments of admiration fly in.

The Close Shave

The most presentable of our styles; with this you can still attend a job interview or a black tie event and have that neat and well-groomed look.

The Beardy Handlebar

A hairier alternative to perhaps the most notorious of moustache styles.

The Beardy Howie

Simply an excellently sculpted piece of moustache.

One of the things that make some guys reluctant to take part in this magnificent month of masculinity is the fear of being arrested on suspicion of Rolf Harris-esque behaviour. If this applies to you, keep on reading, and if it doesn’t, keep on reading anyway.

The Mo-Beard



The Casual Mo-Beard






The Full Mo-Beard




We bring you the Mo-Beard… This is a simple, yet great, way of sporting a moustache without worrying about a whole month of abstinence, enforced by a woolly creature hibernating on your upper lip.

The Mo-Beard + Painter’s Brush

The Mo-Beard allows you to have a beard but still emphasises the moustache, abiding by the rules of Movember. Just shave the little area between your moustache and the hair on your cheeks and chin and trim everywhere apart from your moustache and you’ll quickly have the best alternative to a pure Movember Moustache.

So what moustache should one avoid? The answer is, none of them. They’re all great in their own way. Yes, even the infamous handlebar. If you care about what some girls will think, my advice to you is: don’t. This is a month all guys should take part in and if someone tells you not to do it or to shave it off, you’ve got even more of a reason to do it.