One sick yolk

Food for thought for fried chicken fans, as it emerges that one Bristol takeaway supplier had been cleaning raw meat with his pants

Lovers of dirty fried chicken across Bristol will be devastated after it was revealed that over 60 businesses in the city were being supplied by a “filthy” illegal meat processing plant.

Fowl play – you’ve probably eaten this.

Plant owner Kamran Ajaib, 28, used underpants to clean his revolting butchery, which had no washbasins by work areas and no knife steriliser.

Clucking mental – conditions at Ajaib’s plant.

The authorities were first alerted  to the fowl play when a customer at a Bristol takeaway found a piece of wire in their fried chicken.

Environmental health officers traced it back to Ajaib and carried out a raid  at the meat plant where underpants were being used as cleaning cloths.

Captain Underpants – Ajaib made headless chickens of takeaway customers.

Four tonnes of grim chicken and beef found at the premises were later destroyed.

On sentencing, judge Michael Roach said that photographic evidence made it clear that the chicken was prepared  in “wholly unsanitary conditions”.

Brief(s) encounter – Ajaib’s dirty particulars were shown at court.

He described the premises as “deplorably dirty” and “not fit for meat production, cutting or otherwise”.

John Barrow, an environmental health officer for Bristol City Council, said: “His premises were filthy, absolutely disgusting, and so the risk of contamination for the chicken was really very high.”

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