Have a half-arsed Halloween

No time or money? Can’t be arsed? These Halloween costume tips and ideas may be just what you need

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year and everyone should have a costume. So put your indifference aside and join in the fun with these cheap and easy ideas.

Be resourceful: think about what you might need for a costume and find things around your halls/house that could be useful.

We like using shoelaces or those annoying hanger-ribbons as string

Don’t be afraid of PVA glue: It should wash off easily with hot water so use it to glue things to your clothes. Just don’t pick at it while it’s dry.

Test patch a little glue on a hidden piece of material before you go in for the plunge.

Get your face on: If you fork out a couple of quid on some face paints and search for some face painting tutorials, you can be pretty much anything you want. Just match with the appropriate coloured clothing.

For Grumpy Cat wear all white and tie a pair of black tights around your waist leaving the end of one leg sticking out like a tail. If you don’t want to face paint, use eyeliner to draw a cat nose & whiskers and make a sad face.

Be a work of art

Think outside the lines and scribble over a white t-shirt with coloured pens

Cereal killer

Look like an amateur art student with a cereal killer costume

Get a variety pack of cereals. Take out the bag of cereals and save for breakfast. Glue the empty boxes to your clothes with PVA glue. Stick some spoons into the boxes and drip red food colouring or fake blood over it. Glue some cereal to your t-shirt for extra effect.

Maggie Thatcher

“It’s BARONESS Thatcher, thank you”

Halloween seems like the appropriate occasion for Baroness Thatcher to start haunting us again. Print her face onto A4 paper and cut out the eyes. Get a piece of string long enough to go around the back of your head to hold the mask in place. Make a hole in each side of the mask. Feed your string through and make a knot to secure it.

Adam and Eve

Don’t they look like a fun lot?

Collect leaves. Get naked. Stick leaves over your fun parts. Santa hats are optional.

Lou Reed

Honour his recent passing this Halloween/cop out of making any effort. Black t-shirt. Sunglasses. Cigarette. Done.