It’s official: uni dominated by Londoners

And the award for the most predictable survey results goes to…

Always thought uni was swarming with rahs called Tallulah Montagu-Douglas-Smythe and DJs from Wimbledon with names like Tobias? Well, now we have the proof (ish).

London kids are more likely to go to uni than young people in any other part of the country, according to a survey conducted by the boffs at the Higher Education Funding Council.

Spot the Brizzle student

In fact, young Londoners are a whopping 43% more likely to enter higher education than those in the north-east, which has the worst record for uni attendance nationally.

In the poshest suburbs of London, two-thirds of school-leavers go on to study at uni, with a massive 68% of young people in Wimbledon going on to hit the books.

Many Bristol students may be less than surprised at the news. Fliss Radomska, a 2nd Year Sociology student, told The Tab,  “Absolutely everyone here is from London.

“And they have to say which part of London they’re from, because there are so many Londoners that they need to be subcategorised.”

Your seminar group

Third year Bristol blogger Rachel Hosie added, “Absolutely everyone here is from London. Plus, most people consider me a Northerner, despite me being from the Midlands!”

But what about those from the perilous North? Token Northerner and law student Connor Morrison said, “As a Northerner I was obviously always expected to go down the mines or into the family business of shoplifting, so I’m quite proud of myself to have escaped all that.
“It’s just a shame that the price I have to pay for receiving an education is being constantly surrounded by people who think ‘The North’ means Camden.”