Intel Comedy Club

Got a funny story about names? You could win yourself a sweet early Christmas present.

Intel have spent the summer working with Mark Smith, proud owner of ‘the most astonishing name in comedy’.

After learning to embrace his own name, Mark helped seek out the Hazel Knutt’s and Con Kearney’s of the UK to get them to love their names too.

The Intel Comedy Club, a pop up venue in London, offered people a free event where they could down and enjoy a series of unique comedy events. They didn’t know quite what they were in for, and neither did the people we were setting up. There was one person in each audience who had been brought along by their friend, girlfriend or parents, and suddenly Mark made the show all about them.

Now Intel need your help! They’ve got a whole stack of prizes to give away in the run up to Christmas. And, if you’d like to get your hands on a shiny new tablet or smartphone then you need to find your funny bone and flex your comedic muscles to share your “name” story.

Perhaps you’ve got a crazy nickname, maybe your parents gave you a bonkers name and didn’t realise the connotations, or perhaps you share a name with someone famous . It doesn’t just have to be about you either, perhaps it’s about a friend of yours, as long as there’s a link to the name then we want to hear about it.

The Intel Comedy Club competition is at the Bristol University Union TODAY (Monday 28th October). Pop by and see them on campus.

Head to to enter the competition.