How to Break Bad this Halloween

Stuck for inspiration this Halloween? Here’s how to throw your very own Breaking Bad-themed party.


The ultimate Halloween theme this year is none other than the incredible Breaking Bad. Here are a few ideas to help you throw your own BrBa Halloween party. Yeah, bitch!

1. Pick your character. These are our favourites:

“I am the one who knocks”

Which one are you going to be?

Try Ebay or Amazon for yellow chemical suits, gas masks & air filters. You could also do this for Walter.
Don’t forget your “Yo”s and “Yeah, Bitch”s


Zombie Jane post-overdose: dress in black, zombie makeup, fake vomit and needle.
Wendy: don’t forget your bag of ricin burgers.

2. Music
Go on YouTube and find a playlist of the soundtrack. No fuss, constant music.

3. Decorations

Think blue and purple (Marie’s favourite colour)

Place lab equipment around the house. Fill them with different liquids or candles.  Try these test tube shooters from Urban Outfitters.
Stuff wads of fake money into any air vents or black sports bags
Throw a few Better Call Saul business cards around.
Put up some Missing Posters for Walter White
Stick Crime Scene Tape up.

Bonus – Get a trailer in your back garden. Turn it into a meth lab bar. Destroy evidence next day at scrap yard. If that fails try pouring acid into your bath for some authentic BrBa-ness.

4. Drinks

Make margaritas in honor of Hank’s famous margaritas.
Marie would approve of this Lavender Collins cocktail

For something simple: Any blue alcohol or add blue food colouring to any clear liquor. Line rim and straws with blue sugar.

Tip: Add some blue food to water before freezing in ice trays. Easy blue ice – tada!

5. Food

Make your own blue meth. Serve in sandwich bags. Also crush up and use as cupcake topping or place larger pieces in drinks.

Buy or make your own chicken wings and fried chicken. Serve in Pollos Packaging.
Add blue food colouring to chopped up onions and sprinkle on top of pizza.
Make a bear cake.
Jesse’s fave – onion rings.


And if all fails you can always just watch some episodes.