Super drizzle to hit Brizzle

Worst storm in “decades” to hit our beloved city this weekend

Batten down the hatches kids, because Bristol has been warned to prepare itself for the worst storm in over two decades this weekend.

Photo: Jon Davey

The storm, which will hit the city on Sunday, is forecast to bring winds of 90 miles per hour and around 30 millimetres of rain – somewhat higher amounts than normal.

Doom-mongering weather watchers have warned that conditions could be worse than the storm of 1987 that caused chaos across the country and made BBC weatherman Michael Fish look like a bit of a wally.

Chris Knights, a second year Ancient History student, said, “”It’s pretty worrying for people with actual jobs I guess.”

The massive storm has been optimistically named St Jude after the patron saint of  “depression and lost causes”. With heavy rain predicted for most of next week it seems there is little to be cheerful about anyway.