Briz is best city in UK

Brizzle lays waste to competition to win title of best city to live in Britain

Want to be rich and happy? You’re in the right place! Brizzle is the best city to live in the UK, a new report has revealed.

It’s good news for students who fancy sticking around after graduating: Bristol has beaten the likes of Cardiff, Manchester and the Big Smoke to claim the top spot for best city to live in UK for ‘wealth and happiness’.

The twelve biggest cities in Britain were rated by MoneySuperMarket on a range of factors, including rental costs, salary levels, ‘life satisfaction’, property market activity, disposable income growth and cost of living.

The study ranked Edinburgh in second place, London in a lowly 7th, and lumped Bradford into a miserable last position.

It’s official: Bristol makes you happy

Third year student and Bristol-fanatic Lucy Forbes told The Tab, “Of course Bristol came out top, how you not be happy living here? There’s so much to do, so many different music scenes, it’s unique and arty and everything is within walking distance.

“Briz has got all the vibrancy of London without the stress, and with friendlier locals.”

Others are slightly more sceptical about Bristol’s property market. Ben Allen, 20, says “The rent on my place is about as high as I can afford.  Bristol has some of the priciest rent in the country!”

As for high levels of employment, the jury’s out on part-time jobs.  Friend of The Tab Craig O’Callaghan said, “It’s really tough to find part-time work.  There’s a ton of competition with so many students.”


The full ranking:

1. Bristol

2. Edinburgh

3. Cardiff

4. Liverpool

5. Leeds

6. Manchester

7. London

8. Belfast

9. Glasgow

10. Birmingham

11. Sheffield

12. Bradford