Up in arms

World’s smallest demo takes up residence outside Will’s Memorial Building, as students warn against “totally corrupt” arms company at Careers Fair


Two students held a tiny demonstration outside the Careers Fair at the Wills Memorial Building on Wednesday, protesting against the presence of a “totally corrupt” arms company.

David and Phil (who did not want to provide their surnames), two Computer Science students affiliated with the Bristol Left, told The Tab they wanted to warn students against joining BAE Systems, which they say “bribes government officials in Tanzania”.

Students protest outside the Careers Fair

“The University should not allow BAE on campus – it’s not right that they’re able to communicate with students here,” said the protesters.

David and Phil said they’re banned from entering the Wills Memorial Building after organising a sit-in protest against BAE inside the Careers Fair two years ago.

Jeff Goodman, Careers Service Director, told The Tab,  “Students have a right to express and protest their views. But it would be unfair to prevent those interested in working for BAE from having the opportunity to speak with them”.

Mr Goodman revealed the Careers Service cannot ‘discriminate’ against particular employers due to agreements with the NUS and several other national organisations.

In 2010 BAE pled guilty to false statements and accountancy practices relating to deals with the Saudi Arabian and Tanzanian governments. The company was ordered to pay £288 million in fines.