Motion faces torrent of abuse after urging revellers to keep their tops on


Legendary venue Motion has sparked fiery debate after warning ravers to keep their tops on in sweaty mosh pits.

The club posted the “polite notice” on their Facebook page on Thursday and within hours had amassed hundreds of comments from opinionated revellers.

Self-professed ‘die-hard ravers’ immediately sprung into action, claiming that raving has “no rules”, and that clubbers have the “right to strip off”.

Unhappy raver Joe Long commented, “I take my top off at raves to let my skin breathe, no other reason…Fuck me ravings changed (sp)”, while Neil Guidera said, “MDMA makes people sweat, get air conditioning!!!”

Many questioned the quality of Motion’s air con, with Andy Hemming commenting, “I love Motion to bits, but they need to sort some kind of air con out! They ram the place full of people and it turns into a sweat box!”

Others, slightly predictably, pointed to the sexism of the decision, with raver Gemma Wilson commenting, “Girls r aloud to be half naked so y aint men aloud there tops off I dnt agree wid dis (sp)”.

Motion was quick to diffuse the situation, later posting, “Just to make clear – it was a bit of a ‘slow news’ day in the office so we thought we’d have a little bit of fun with you. This is all meant in good humour.”

And speaking to The Tab, they had a very different stance: “The Facebook post was made in jest.  One of In:Motion’s strengths is the friendly and diverse nature of our crowd.  We wouldn’t dream of interfering with this by implementing unnecessary rules on what people wear.”

So, it looks as if in-club stripping at Motion is here to stay. Anyone who has had the pleasure of a face-full of hot, sweaty torso may be justifiably miffed.

Some of the more positive feedback