MA Fashion student designs range inspired by Jedward

A #TeamJedward fan took her “fandom” to the next level by incorporating the twins into her MA fashion collection.

Eppie Conrad graduated from Northumbria University and was offered a place at Kingston University to do an MA in Fashion, after they saw her BA collection inspired by robots (naturally). 

For her MA Fashion collection, and as a die-hard Jedward fan, Eppie decided to mix the two together.

Eppie explained: ‘They love their fans and we love them. They make me happy, RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY! I’m serious about being a Jedward Fan.

“They are such creative and inspirational people, and they work incredibly hard at what they do, and every success they’ve had, has been down to their determination and believing in themselves.

“The most important thing they have taught me is that it’s OK to just be who you are, no matter what people think.”

John wearing one of Eppie’s designs

The infamous Irish twins even responded to Eppie and her designs.  After #TeamJedward caught wind of the collection, the former X Factor contestants DM’d Eppie on Twitter and she was invited to meet the pair whilst on their UK tour.

The final Jedward-inspired design.