Bristol Beaten by Manchester in World Rankings

79th place was at least good enough to topple Durham

It’s that time of year again!  Uni league tables are out and we’ve grabbed a (reasonable) 79th place on the Times Higher Education rankings.

At least Manchester’s a dump

Shockingly, we were beaten by Manchester, which came in at 58.  They usually rank tens of places below us on British league tables.

To add insult to injury, THE is liking us less and less.  We ranked 74th last year, and 66th in 2011.

But we’re still one of the world’s favourite British universities.  If this year’s applicants don’t like Oxbridge, London, Edinburgh or Manchester, we’ll be their first choice!

We also beat Durham, York and St Andrews, which ranked 80th, 100th and 117th respectively.  And Warwick took a pathetic 141st position.

Better than us? Really?

The top spot went to Caltech for the second year in row, while America also took another six of the top ten.

Oxford came 2nd (no surprises there!) though Cambridge seems to be losing its footing, placing only 7th.

But the devil’s in the detail: we got an overall score of 56.3 out of 100.  Our best feature is our ‘international outlook’, scoring 75/100, though we scored an appalling but unsurprising 39.6 out of 100 in teaching.