Fresher Style

More of our favourite looks from the Freshers Fair


Our hair got ruined, our cameras got wet and those suede shoes will never be the same again. But it was all for your viewing pleasure, so feast your eyes upon part two of our favourite looks from the fair.

Click to listen while you look. 

Simple and clean. You can’t go wrong.


Colourful accessories are a good way to brighten up your outfit

This autumn sees tartan making a comeback – think revamped 80s punk and 90s grunge

Geek chic – a good way to look clever. Plus the glasses are a good way to hide those hangover bags

The classic khaki jacket

Big hair. Leather jacket. The Velvet Underground. Yes.

You’ve probably got to be this guy to pull off this look because he does it so well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Pay homage to Bristol’s thriving hippy culture and get yourself into some tie-dye.

Only this man is allowed to wear a matching leopard print coat and cap. If you’re going to do it you must also get your face tattooed and have a full set of silver grillz. Them’s the rules.