Seen at the Fair

We meet some fresh-faced young thangs


The Tab braved the wind, rain and queues of the Freshers Fair to snap the plucky attendees.

Freshers Devon from the USA (left) & Asher from York are studying Anthropology & Sociology and German & Spanish.

What’s your best piece of advice for freshers?
Devon: Don’t be shy.
Asher: Have a party. Have lots of fun. And get lots of free food in!

Becca (left) & Charlotte are second year Physics students.

What’s your happiest memory?
Becca: What in my whole life!? umm… A-level results day!
Charlotte: Yeah, when I got into Bristol was pretty good

Sophie (studies Philosophy and French) & Flyn.

Dan (left) & Tom don’t know each other but we liked that they were both in green so made them feel awkward by putting them in a photo together.

What are you studying?
Dan: History. I’m in first year.
Tom: I’m starting my PGCE so I’m not really a fresher by any sense of the word!

What’s your best piece of advice for freshers?
Tom: It sounds really cliche and rubbish but, try your best.
Dan: Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Something like that.

The other Dan (left) & Tom.

What are you studying?
Dan: We are smartypants-es.

What’s that?
Dan: Haha, well, he’s doing Aerospace Engineering and I’m doing Neuroscience.

What’s your best piece of advice for freshers?
Dan: Go out every night on Freshers!
Tom: Don’t got out every night on Freshers.

Natty (left) & Andrea are 4th year Mechanical Engineering students making the most of their last Freshers’ Fair

Maria from West London is studying English & Philosophy.

2nd year students Anna (left) & Abbie. Anna studies English. Abbie studies Geography.

What are some wise words for freshers?
Abbie: It’s probably not personal. Don’t take things too personally.
Anna: Hindsight is a good thing.
Abbie: Oh, that’s deep!

2nd year students Stefanos & Agni.

Their friend was having his photo taken for a Fashion article. I thought they were rocking the ponchos so it was only fair they got a photo too.

Guy on left: You’re not putting this in the Tab are you?