Bet on your future: Ladbrokes taking bets on degrees

Fancy your odds? The betting giant has given students at 20 universities the opportunity to gamble on their degree outcome

Ladbrokes has launched a new service that allows students to bet on the outcome of their degrees.

The betting giant has given students at 20 universities the opportunity to gamble on their degree outcome, allowing students and their families to choose between a feeling-lucky First to a less-than-hopeful Third.

Odds will be offered based on your A-level results and course…

Ladbrokes expects to see big returns because whilst many on the list are high-fliers like Oxford and Warwick, and 64% of students are expected to achieve a decent 2:1; most of the 20 universities are unlikely to score a second upper-class degree.

Hopefully proving them wrong and popular, Ladbrokes aims to expand to other universities after their two-month trial.

Ladbrokes PR Officer, Alex Donohue said: “We always get requests for degree bets at this time of year, so thought we’d launch a dedicated service with a unique microsite for the first time to cater for the demand”

“Instead of bank of mum and dad, this service could help give parents some return as they bank on their children’s academic progress”

This genius idea first arose when a father tried to win back his daughters £ 9,000-a-year tuition fees by betting on her getting a well-earned 2:1 in Veterinary Sciences.