A-Z of Freshers: Part 1

The definitive A-Z of all things Bristol

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A – Avon River

The heart of the city. Scything through Bristol, it’s home to Thekla and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which brings us to….


B – Bridge (Clifton Suspension)

It sits majestically over 200ft above the river. A popular day trip option for visiting parents, it is also nationally renowned as a suicide hotspot. One particular attempt was foiled in 1885 when the 22-year-old woman’s skirt acted as a parachute.


C – Coombe Dingle

The University’s premier sport complex and probably the most inconvenient exam location in Bristol (for anyone not in Stoke Bishop of course). Rumour has it that the local schools co-ordinate their sports lessons to coincide with University Summer exams.


D – Donervan’s (Jason)

Oh Jason, our Lord, light and saviour! Performing God’s work by making sure no drunkard goes hungry. You’ll have to be on your toes in the queue as punters flock for their cheesy chips from all around Bristol. After all, it’s not a proper night out unless you end it with a Donervan’s.


E – Epigram

Bristol University’s second best publication…


F – Foxes

Bristol’s foxes are so famous the BBC has even made documentaries about them. Seen more often than not on post-lash walks home, particularly around the Downs and Stoke Bishop.


G – Goldney hall

A largely self-contained residence with its own gardens, well known for not being near anything else but the Cori Tap. So that’s something. Oh and the end of year ball is meant to quite good (as long as it doesn’t get cancelled)


H – Hills

Bristol is about as hilly as the Himalayas (give or take), and contains the sort of inclines that make you think twice about buying a bike (I’m looking at you Park Street). There’s no way around them, but rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll have bigger quads than Chris Hoy by the end of the year.


I – Internet

Well how else are you going to browse the Tab? Often fantastic in halls, and about as inconsistent as Wessex Red buses everywhere else.


J – Jeff

Big Issue Jeff is without a doubt the jolliest guy in bristol. He’s been cheekily convincing the public to buy his Big Issue for as long as people can remember. Stationed on the Triangle by NatWest, there’s a fair argument for saying you’re not a proper a student until you’ve fist bumped him on your way to an afternoon lecture.


K – Kings Arms

Arguably the closest public house to Stoke Bishop, the Kings Arms is one of a number a pubs and bars located down Blackboy hill and Whiteladies road. Don’t miss the excellent 2-for-1 burger deal.


L – Library

Photo: Spotted in the Ass Library

Ahh the ASS.  The Arts and Social Sciences Library is the University’s most popular  learning space, and seats are like gold dust. It’s probably also the University’s ugliest building. Dangerous territory for Science students, but a haven for Arts students who flock to it like vultures to a zebra carcass. You’ll want to dress your best though unless you want to feature on Spotted in the Ass, and make sure you check out our library stereotypes article to see who’s who.


M – Motion

Situated in a converted skatepark made up of old warehouses, Motion is Bristol’s biggest and best large music venue. Located next to Temple Meads Station though, it’s a bugger to get to and the drinks are horrendously expensive.