Freshers’ Guide to Bristol Nightlife

The Tab’s guide to Bristol’s best clubs

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Even for the most adventurous of freshers, Bristol’s nightlife scene can be a bit daunting.

Luckily, Bristol is home to a huge range of nightlife, and whether you’re a Jungle junkie, an acid house hipster, or a chart-fan, you needn’t look far for your favourite fix.

To get you started, here’s The Tab’s rundown of the most popular student clubs.



Love it or loathe it, Bunker is probably Bristol’s most popular student club. Situated in the heart of The Triangle, it’s known for its themed nights and merciless female bouncer.

Biggest Night: BED Mondays (Propaganda Wednesdays also pulls in a big crowd)

Music: Room 1 – Chart, Room 2 – House, DnB, etc

Reasons to Go: Everyone you know will be there, and even if you hate this sort of thing, you can go anyway and be ironic.

And Not to: Long queues expected, uncomfortably full, grotty toilets, permanent thick layer of dirt on the floor.

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Lizard Lounge

There is something about Lizard Lounge. Technically, it’s terrible, but people keep on going back.  Avoid like the plague when sober.

Biggest Night: Tuesday, Thursday

Music: The cheesiest of cheese. A strange mix of One Direction and Bon Jovi.

Reasons to Go: The house beverage, Toffee Vodka. You can get a Fosters for a quid.

And Not to: Absolute hell on earth if pop music isn’t your thing. And ‘cool’ people will think you’re a loser.

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Syndicate the “Superclub” is a lot of things, but it certainly ain’t super. Regrettably, this is where many spend most of their first year Fridays. Don’t make the same mistake.

Biggest Night: EDEN Fridays

Music: Chart Chart Chart

Reasons to Go: Limited. A good smoking area.

And Not to: Trippy carpets, inconvenient location, dominated by locals, to name but a few.

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Mbargos: not to be confused with the Made in Chelsea hang-out, Embargos, in West London.  

Biggest Night: Packed most days

Music: Variable, mostly chart

Reasons to Go: Most of the time it’s free entry, and is a popular pre-lash destination, owing to its proximity to Bunker and other Triangle clubs

And Not to: It’s more of a bar than a club, and the drinks deals aren’t as competitive as other clubs on the Triangle

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The somewhat legendary party on a boat.

Biggest Night: 51 27 on Fridays

Music: House, Garage, Underground

Reasons to Go: It’s ON A BOAT. The music is also consistently good.

And Not to: Off the beaten track, and quite small. Ultimately worth it though.

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 Blue Mountain

Photo: Apex

For those edgy and daring enough to head into the badlands of St Paul’s.

Biggest Night: N/A

Music: Variable, House, Underground etc etc

Reasons to Go: Good music, nice smoking terrace, generally very quirky

And Not to: St Paul’s isn’t the safest of areas…

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Amazing music venue in a scuzzy-looking skate park. If you do one thing this term, go to an In:Motion night. Regardless of your taste in music, keep an open mind and you’ll see why it’s so popular.

Biggest Night: Various. Just Jack, Hospitality and Futureboogie are particularly popular with students.

Music: Huge variety – DnB, House, Dub.

Reasons to Go: Puts on some of the best music nights in Bristol, and hosts names like Annie Mac, Zane Lowe and Shy FX

And Not to: Tickets for most big events are very expensive, normally around £20. Drinks also carry a hefty price tag.

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