Students demand refunds after night of queuing and expensive drinks

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Disappointed students have dished out scathing verdicts of UBU’s much-anticipated Summer Ball, with many demanding refunds for a night spent queuing for ‘overpriced’ drinks.

The event had promised “huge headline acts, Cirque du Soleil trained aerial artists, walkabout entertainers and fire breathers”, in the “spectacular” setting of Leigh Court.

But long, slow-moving queues for drinks, food, rides, portaloos, and to actually leave the event, has infuriated many of the attendees.

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It appears that much of the queuing was down to the decision to equip the grounds with just one large bar, two small bars and 36 bar staff to serve around 2,500 people, though there also appear to have been difficulties in staggering arrival times.

The official Facebook page of the £40 ball has attracted a barrage of damning criticism, with students describing the event variously as a “massive piece of crap”, “an absolute shambles”, and “a complete disappointment”.

Many students also launched attacks on the competence of the ball organisers, with one angry ball-goer commenting, “Who is actually responsible for this night? Because you are literally shit at what you do.”

The queue to leave at 11.30pm

Another wrote, “the committee for this has shown they couldn’t organise a shag in a brothel if they had to.”

A statement released by the organisers admitted there were “logistical issues” but also asserted “It was a great night, we have had some fantastic feedback on the evening, and we’ve loads of photos capturing the spirit of the event.”

Billed as “the biggest Bristol university event ever”, the occasion garnered controversy before it had even happened, as numerous ticket-holders claimed UBU had misled students by marketing it as a ball rather than a festival.

Nonetheless, sales for the event were high, and thousands of ticket-holders piled into the grounds of Leigh Court on Thursday night.

The ball was scheduled to end at 1am, but queues to leave began to form well before midnight.

Despite much of the negative response, UBU remain positive about future events, and last night stressed that they “look forward to building on the experience next year”.