Degree Stereotypes

From snobbish Medics to self-involved Drama students: a brief guide to the main uni stereotypes


These people could one day save your life…
Photo: Jamie Corbin

As soon as someone says the word ‘medic’, eyes begin to roll and conversation grinds to a painful halt. Yes, Medic Chat really is that bad.

Its purpose is to boast about how medics are better than us humble humans. Medic ski trips are much more fun, CLIC is better than Fuze and Medics’ exams are of course the most difficult.

Finding a student who disagrees with this perception is like finding a medic who has respect for an Arts Student. Impossible.


Sacre Bleu!
Photo: FrenchSoc

At the other extreme from Medics, Language students spend the majority of their time in university defending their course, particularly the year abroad.

“IT’S NOT A GAP YAH!” they cry to anyone who will listen, which is usually no-one.

They don’t really have a career in mind yet, but clearly a language will be useful when they become Foreign Secretary and need to tell the French and Germans where to put the Euro.


This image of drunken Law student behaviour has been redacted

Law students are the ‘likeable medics’: hard workers, hosts of great socials and destined to earn pots of money. They’re surprisingly willing to socialise with students different from their own kind, though this may just be an attempt to build a future client list.

Flashy when it comes to balls, the Lawyers rarely disappoint. To quote a close friend, they’re a triple threat: not only do they have the academia and the money, but they also “put out”!

Scientists, Engineers & Mathematicians

Don’t judge them, they don’t get out much
Photo: TUBES

Merely a bunch of nerds? Those lab coats and glasses certainly don’t do them any favours, but there must be a wild side to this hard-working bunch.

You’ll struggle to find it though. Whilst most students procrastinate on Facebook, this lot use it as a ‘learning tool’. Instead of asking their peers who got with whom last night, they’re talking about question three on their problem sheet.

Hmm. Maybe that ‘nerd’ reputation is justified after all.

Musicians & Thespians

I’m an actor, an actor for crying out loud!
Photo: DramSoc

Whilst most of us ‘dress to impress’, these students ‘dress to express’.  A deeply passionate group, no student ‘suffers’ for their subject more than this lot.

Their one exam of the year may only be an hour long, but these students still aren’t able to find quite enough time in between their re-inventions of Macbeth and improvised street theatre to study for it.