BNOC Of The Year: Semi-Final 2

The BNOCs are back and it’s nearly time to crown a champion!

Yes, that’s right: the world’s worst/best popularity contest is back after a brief hiatus to find out who will make it into this weekend’s final.

Dominic Harper is already into the final, having scored an impressive 50% of the vote in the first semi-final. Now, our last three BNOCs battle it out once more for their shot at the crown/belt/trophy/gift certificate/handshake*.

You know how this works by now. Three candidates, vote for your favourite. Good hunting.

*Prizes may not actually exist

Mr Gurns

Even more mysterious than Banksy

Mr Gurns may have slowly devolved from a convenient alter-ego to a drugged-up troll lurking in the Tab comments section but we love him all the same. Willing to offer his expert advice on any drug-related article, Gurns has become the FRANK of Bristol University.

If you don’t vote for him, you’re probably one of those 25% who have never tried drugs.

Hannah Pollak

Insert your favourite sports pun here

 “We would like to submit into evidence the following video, entitled ‘Hannah Is Macklemore’. The defence rests, your honour.

Charlie Makepeace

Fetch this man a strawpedo!

Having narrowly seen off UoB Problems in the last round, Makepeace must again do battle with another fictional character. Whilst Gurns’ weapon of choice is some suspicious white powder, Makepeace prefers the humble strawpedo.

Should Charlie win, expect a 21-strawpedo salute in his honour in every nightclub in Bristol.

Voting closes midday Friday. Winner will be announced as usual on our Facebook and Twitter pages.