EDL March Planned For Bristol

EDL plan ‘silent march’ to lay wreaths for Lee Rigby. At the moment, only 14 people plan to show up.

Bristol cenotaph EDL Lee Rigby march

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has organised nationwide ‘silent marches’ to lay wreaths for Lee Rigby at the cenotaphs of various cities this weekend, including Bristol.

In what is being advertised as a more civilised affair than the usual vandalism, boozing and racism, self-styled political activist Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) tweeted a link to the Facebook event for the Saturday ‘walk’.

However, so far just 14 people have clicked attending.

Since the murder of serviceman Rigby in Woolwich, the vehemently anti-Islam group have furiously blamed the atrocity on the presence of Islam in the UK.

Despite Rigby’s regiment damning the EDL’s actions as exploitative of his death, Robinson is pressing on with plans to walk in his name.

In a statement released on behalf of Rigby’s family by the MoD today, it was emphasised that his death should not be used as an “excuse” to attack others.

Last week, purported Bristol EDL members smashed up a pub in St George in the wake of Woolwich, as one of a series of riots which took place across the country.

The Bristol Post today reported that police were aware of this weekend’s plans.

Elsewhere, charity Help For Heroes has rejected all EDL donations, and a list of EDL donors and members was leaked on the Internet, which featured various Bristol addresses.