The naked chefs

Students launch naked cookbook, so you can learn some new recipes while also ogling hotties

If there are two things every student loves, it’s eating and nudity (obviously), so The Tab can think of nothing better than a book that combines both of these wonderful concepts.

Edinburgh student Kinvara Hubbard and Mimi Williams, at Leeds, have known each other since infancy. Kinvara told The Tab their idea for a naked cookbook was born at a very blurry pre-drinks in Leeds.

It’s like the naked calendar thing, but in a book

“We were laughing over a student cookbook and how boring it was,” Kinvara says.

Then, having soberly thought through the idea, gained a £3,000 entrepreneurial grant from Leeds Uni, and thrown in some naked bodies, ta-da – the cookbook was born.

This is definitely Juan to watch (couldn’t resist)

The cookbook will put you in student paradise, with the photography and recipes compiled by the best creative talent Leeds and Edinburgh have to offer.

The girls have come up with such helpful gems as “Tip of the day: When roasting a chicken if it’s getting too brown on the top pop a piece of foil over it.”

Now here’s something everyone can enjoy

The book contains amazing recipes for breakfast and dinner, and a pound from each sale will be donated to charity.

But best of all, it’s full of naked hotties. What’s not to love?

If I must read it…

“Its been an amazing year, so much fun,” Kinvara says. “We never thought we would be photographing 60 of our friends naked around Leeds, Edinburgh and Newcastle.”

For more info, take a look at the girls’ Facebook page. This one’s going to be saucy.