Made In Brizzle

First year Archie Manners goes viral after being duped into filming a MIC audition video


It is no doubt the secret burning desire of many a Bristol student to star in everyone’s favourite show, the BAFTA-award-winning Made In Chelsea.

This was certainly true for talented first year magician and entertainer Archie Manners, whose private aspirations might have remained just that – private – were it not for the ruthless combination of an iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg, and one very cunning and persuasive Old Etonian.

Archie was led to believe he had been scouted to appear on the show and was duped into filming an ‘audition tape’ for the producers.

The genius hoax was dreamt up by first year prankster and BNOC Freddie Coleridge of Wills Hall.

Should you wish to congratulate him, Freddie can often be found on the study green of Tyndall’s Avenue, possibly sporting a Hawaiian shirt and equipped with deckchair, boom box, and an assortment of fellow OEs.

Here is what he had to say upon uploading the 1-and-a-half-minute clip to his Facebook page:

‘Having corresponded as the fake Casting Director of MIC with Archie for 48 hours by email, he was convinced that he had been chosen as a ‘lead cast member’ for Series 6.’

‘Everyone was in on the joke and heard one by one from him that he had been recommended by Francis Boulle. Here is the fall out when I told him the truth and the one minute audition video I persuaded him to send.’

The resulting video has gone viral on Facebook, with Freddie accumulating an impressive 500 likes – and, no doubt to Archie’s delight, the man and muse himself, Francis ‘Bullah’ Boulle even checked in for a look.

Archie might not have Channel 4 fame just yet, but he has certainly kept the entire ASS library and half of UWE entertained over the past week – so the future looks bright.