10% of Bristol students are virgins

The Tab’s national drug survey threw up some interesting results… some a little cleaner than others.

One in ten Bristol students is a virgin, putting us just below the nationwide average of 12%, according to a Tab survey.

Among students who have never taken drugs before, that rate rises to one in four.

Bizarrely, as part of The Tab’s nationwide drug survey, we asked students how many sexual partners they’d had.

The results show that, while Imperial and Cambridge were languishing around the bottom of the drug-taking table, they’re sitting pretty at the top of The Tab’s no-sex-before-marriage league.

Leeds, on the other hand, is living up to its reputation as the nation’s biggest party uni. While its students took the drugs title, they’re bottom of the purity table. Ooh err!

But what about subject-based sex lives? Our survey shows the medics championing sexual health awareness at the top of the table.

Hot on their heels (but not in a lustful way, of course), are the classicists. Obviously it’s Artemis not Aphrodite who reigns supreme in their lecture theatres.

At the bottom end of the table, it’s the business students who are getting down to errr… business. Just 4% of them have never had a sexual partner. Money and sex: a classic combination.

(Some of these subjects might seem a bit random, but it’s a national survey so you’re going to have to deal with it.)

Nationally, 12% of students have never had a sexual partner before.

And while 70% of the students we surveyed have tried drugs at least once in their lives, 27% of those who haven’t done drugs are virgins.

Use this interactive graph to see how we stack up on the drugs and sex front.

The Tab survey 5,126 students in the second term of this academic year. Stay tuned later this week for more tidbits from our ‘study’.