BNOC Of The Year: Group Six

The final four BNOCs fight it out for a place in the semi-finals


With five semi-final places filled, there’s only room for one more BNOC to join the likes of Dominic Harper in the next round.

Have we saved the best BNOCs til last? You tell us.

Charlie Makepeace

Make Peace Not War

It used to be said Charlie had two loves in his life: sailing and urban beverage racing. Unfortunately, since ubrub have been shut down, strawpedo-ing is now a purely recreational activity for this Veterinary student. Don’t think Charlie’s a worthy BNOC? Jog on.

Ellie Hopkins

#knowsallthepeople, apparently

Having blown all our ubrub jokes on Mr Makepeace, there’s not a lot we can say about fellow beverage racer Ellie “Edgy” Hopkins. That said, she does Geography so we could just fill this space with lots of jokes about colouring in instead.

UoB Problems

Vote for the person/people who tells it like it is and cause this entire thing to collapse in on itself under all the irony.

Alex Wilson

DJ Alex on the decks

Playhouse’s “go to guy for DJing”, chances are you’ve heard Alex’s record collection (people still have those right?) even if you haven’t actually heard of him. Having recently played the Sciences bar crawl, he can proudly claim to have provided the soundtrack to the awkward gropes and kisses of hundreds of bespectacled nerds.

There, that should be enough to get people going mad in the comments.


Voting closes 8pm Sunday giving you all weekend to pick a favourite. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for the usual updates on who is in the lead.