Sophie Vs Sugar: Apprentice Recap

The Tab checks in to see how Bristol girl Sophie Lau is coping in this year’s The Apprentice


This week BBC’s The Apprentice has returned to our screens, with 16 new candidates ready to blunder around incompetently for our amusement. Hooray!

This year, Bristol is represented by Sophie Lau, a 22 year old restaurateur. Unfortunately Sophie decided she enjoyed Bristol so much she went to University in another country, graduating last year from Edinburgh with a 2:1 MA Hons in Economics with Management Science.

With that degree she sounds perfect for the Apprentice right? Well…we’re not so sure.

Of the other candidates, The Tab’s stand out favourite so far has to be the potential love-child of George Osborne and Pete Burns (eurgh) – Alex Mills, 22, from Cardiff.

Those eyebrows!

Despite possessing the facial features of a bloated corpse,and a chronic social awkwardness (only outshone by Zeeshan’s hilariously failed high five) Alex definitely looks like one to watch out for as the series progresses.

Zeeshan’s left hanging

Sophie, annoyed by those who “assert their assertiveness”, took up a disappointing position from the start in the boardroom, having clearly lost the full-on-brawl between candidates to decide seating arrangements just before Lord Sugar arrived (that is how they decide seats isn’t it?).

Sophie in the corner, “asserting her assertiveness”

Over the first two tasks, she’s already made a series of crucial blunders including massaging the egos of her fellow team members, failing to wear a hat correctly and struggling to tell the time. Oh and did I mention she didn’t sell anything? Not a single thing. Christ.

Sophie goes gangsta

There’s hope for our local girl yet though, as Sophie managed to be outdone by a (somehow) even worse candidate this week. Hopefully she’ll be able to get her arse in gear for the remainder of the series.