Students forced to sweat it out in scorching conditions as staff baffled by air con system

Sweaty chaos has been erupting at PULSE since the weekend, as gym bunnies are subjected to relentless heat in the sizzling aftermath of a faulty air con.

Despite relatively cool temperatures outdoors, the gym was described by one disgruntled gym-goer as “seriously gross-smelling and literally too hot to move in” whilst another clammy student was overheard panting “I’m melting”.

It’s getting hot in herrre…

When sweltering students complained of the heat, they were informed part of the air con which allowed it to be switched on was either broken or missing.

Confusion and miscommunication amongst the staff was apparent, with one instructor apparently unaware the gym even had an air con system, whilst another was seemingly non-plussed by the baking heat.

To make things even more confusing, it was claimed by some members of staff permission was needed from the university before the air con could be turned back on.

When contacted by The Tab a university spokesperson said they couldn’t verify whether or not it was true the gym needed permission.

As of Wednesday afternoon it remained unclear whether the wheels to fix the broken system had been set in motion. As one staff-member remarked to a student, “We’ve been trying to get it to turn on all day, but it hasn’t happened.”

Yesterday it was announced temporary fans have been installed to try and make the temperatures bearable until the air conditioning is fully functional again.

Can you even lift in this heat? Let us know if you’ve been affected by the air con break in the comments below.