BNOC Of The Year: Group Five

Just two semi-final spots are left. Which of these five will make it?


We’ve got just nine more BNOCs fighting for your vote, hoping to join Hannah Pollak, Mr Gurns and Spotted In The ASS in the semi-finals.

By now you know the drill. Five candidates in today’s group. Only one can win. Get voting.

Jake Miller

Jake was excited to learn he was nominated

One of the faces of UBTV, Jake has shot to BNOC fame by quizzing (and gently mocking) the drunks of Bristol. A minor Twitter storm kicked off last week when people learnt Jake hadn’t yet been nominated, so we’ve found room to squeeze him in at the last minute. No need to thank us Mr Miller.

Laura Boniface

Laura Boniface: Big Name In Clifton

Laura’s been nominated (supposedly) by her own PR team, for reasons so mysterious and elusive they neglected to mention them entirely. Anyone able to shed any light on Boniface’s BNOC origins can comment below.

Old Harrovian

2800 followers and counting…

Yet another gimmick nominee, Old Harrovian Bristol’s Twitter account slyly mocks the public school boys and girls of Bristol Uni. Recent gems include “I only talk to people from money”, and “Housemate won’t come cycling in summer. Says he is working. I just said ‘don’t get a job?!'”

Dominic Harper

Dominic Harper: Son, brother, friend, lover, peacekeeper, lampoon, genius, investment banker, tyrant, benevolent dictator but above all BNOC.

Both a man’s man and a ladies’ man, Dominic “Beowulf” Harper has “been known to spend up to four days at a time on a love bender”. We’re told “he personifies the term BNOC in the old-fashioned sense of the term, in a social scene dominated by edgy scenesters nowadays, Dominic is a stalwart of the old guard.”

Always going big and never going home, Dominic will be the first to tell you it’s not a proper weekend unless you drop a ton.

Daniel Saunders

Large BNOC Collider

Ladies and gentlemen, behold that rarest of things: a Physics BNOC. If you’ve ever been told you must be boring and anti-social because you’re studying something “nerdy”, a vote for Daniel is a big finger up to the haters.

Voting closes at midnight on Sunday. We’ll keep you updated with who is in the lead on Facebook and Twitter.