Website of the week: Serious time wasters

Stuck in the library? Here’s a set of sites that’ll distract you for, like, 30 seconds.

Exams are on. Essays are on. We’re stuck in the library. Everything’s rubbish.

So this week’s Website of the Week brings you a list of some serious pointless yet distracting sites for you to browse.

No one wants high-concept actresses without teeth or tenuously amusing signage misspelling.

What you want is a load of crap to take your mind off things:

A classic game made more difficult by the fact you can’t scribble on the pictures. There are some nice landscapes involved though.

You think you don’t want to play this game, but your country needs you. Japan is out in front with 80,000,000 of the blighters, so get that index finger pumping for Queen and country.

This one’s more educative. Think of a thing, any thing, and then find out what the longest of that thing is in the whole world.

Now you can watch yourself waste time online. One user (obviously a robot) has been logged on for over 117,633,600 seconds. You probably won’t beat that.

And for when it all gets too much, hit this button to let everyone know you’re experiencing some real drama. Maybe you’re under-prepared for an exam, or perhaps you missed a deadline. Whatever it is, this button distract you for at least three seconds.