Bristol fat cats are sweet seventeenth in wealth league

Bristol’s ‘ultra-high net worth’ alumni are worth a cool £2billion

Are the essays and exams worth it? Are you staring out the window wishing it was all over?

Fear not, for if you can stick it out to the end you’ve got a high chance of becoming one of the richest people in the UK (just).

Bristol sits 17th in the wealth league

Bristol’s alumni are among some of the richest in the country, a survey of university graduates claims.

The Wealth-X UK University Ultra-High Net-Worth (UHNW) Alumni Rankings is both a lengthy title and a report that places Bristol 17th on the wealth ranking.

That means our great institution just sneaks into the Top 20, but we’ll take that.

Together, our 60 UHNW grads are worth $3 billion (£2b) and have an average individual war chest of $50m (£32.5m).

A graduate needs $30m (£19.5m) to qualify as an UHNW individual. The average age of our super-rich alumni is 55.

Bristol leads Sheffield, in 18th, and Southampton, in 19th. Liverpool’s alumni are richer than ours as they take 16th spot.

Predictably, Oxford and Cambridge are top. Oxford has the highest number of UHNW alumni with 401 of the fat cats. Cambridge has the wealthiest, with 361 filthy-rich alumni sharing a pot of $93b (£60b).

Spare a thought for the University of Warwick in 20th, whose rich grads have only $1.9b (£1.2b) to their names.