Find Them In Da Club

In a new weekly feature we pick out our favourite nightclub pics. Warning: Contains drunk students


Each week The Tab will be bringing you some of the greatest snaps from Bristol’s biggest nights out. To get things started, here’s a selection of some of our favourites from last term.

Prohibition Thursdays @ Pam Pam

Can’t tell if being attacked by toilet roll or dressed as mummy…

Oh my what lovely tonsils you have

A sure-fire way to scare everyone else off the dancefloor

FUZE After-Party: Photo courtesy of Jamie Corbin

Putting The Tab’s dance moves to shame

EDEN Fridays @ Syndicate

This gets our love just for the guy in the bottom-left corner

Bouncy castles: seemingly not for girls

Fever Wednesdays @ DORMA

Strawpedo-ing like a bawse

Just two bros having a bro-ment

“This is my jam!!!”

CLIC Afterparty: Photo courtesy of Jamie Corbin

Okay everyone, smile!