Battle Of The BNOCs: Group One

Our first five BNOC contenders go head-to-head. Only one can triumph.

The wait is over. The battle to find Bristol’s biggest BNOC is here.

After a fortnight of nominations it all boils down to this. Six groups: one winner from each advances to the semi-finals. Without further ado, here are your first five BNOCs. Get voting.

Alex Sheppard

Alex Sheppard: Taker of photos, holder of fruit

In Alex’s words, he’s “tall, ginger, hard to miss and occasionally takes a photo (or a thousand)”. Often thought to be the same person as Jamie Corbin, a quick internet search uncovers proof that’s not the case, though there’s no doubt Alex is definitely the next Jamie Corbin. He even has his own chant courtesy of the University Hall 10/11 students. Words are below should you fancy learning them.


Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta: Worthy of BNOC status?

Radhika was nominated in a very abrupt email from Chris Field, who didn’t bother telling us exactly why she deserves to be BNOC of the year. So all we have to go on is her Facebook profile which lists her job as “top slut at Babestation”. This may not be accurate.

Spotted In The Ass Admin(s)

A BNOC with no name…who are the Spotted admins?

A slightly unconventional nomination for the person/people behind the Facebook page which has transformed uni and almost made going to the library enjoyable. We don’t know who is responsible for this runaway success but we feel they deserve a chance to be BNOC champions whoever they are.

Holly Jones

Holly Jones: Queen of Twitter?

Holly, or to use her real name @hollium, is “one of Stoke Bishop’s most vociferous tweeters” which is essentially another way of saying she’s the first to complain when we do something wrong. She says you should vote for her “if you’re into keyboard-warrior politics and other low-level hack tomfoolery.” She also mentions she’s “often found flailing to Pulp on board Thekla on Thursdays”, as you do.

Ollie Richards

One for the ladies?

Despite repeated posts in our comments section, supposedly from Ollie Richards himself, asking “Is it okay to nominate yourself?” we doubt Ollie actually has anything to do with his elevation to aspiring-BNOC status. According to anonymous commenters, Ollie is “well known at the gym for his guns of steel!” and “everyone knows this HENCH LAD”. If that’s the case, this should be an easy win for Mr Richards.

Voting closes at midday on Friday. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on how voting is going.