NUS Campaign changes definition of ‘woman’

LGBT Campaign Conference passes motion to make democracy a little more inclusive

Identifying yourself as a man or woman might come easy to you, but the NUS’ LGBT Campaign notes it’s not that simple.

The Campaign passed a motion last weekend to change the definition of ‘woman’ in its literature.

Now all uses of the word ‘woman’ will change to:

“All who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’.”

The motion further calls for the NUS “To be mindful of the appropriate use of the terms “woman/women” and “female” in all NUS LGBT literature.”

The motion was heard at last weekend’s NUS LGBT Campaign Conference in Manchester.

The call for a redefinition of ‘woman’ comes after rules were set last year to govern exactly who could attend the caucuses held at the LGBT Campaign Conference.

This basically refers to who can attend certain discussion and interest groups at the Conference.

Gender definition is a hot topic in the NUS at the moment.

In 2012, the separate NUS Women’s Campaign Conference voted to change its membership criteria.

It said: “The NUS Women’s Campaign is open to all who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women.

“The NUSWC affirms that self-definition is at the sole discretion of the individual in question.”