12 Reasons Why It’s Tough Being A Rah

Have you ever wondered what life is like in the upper echelons of society?

1. How rich are you? Like Bill Gates rich, or Richie Rich?

2. Have you ever met the Queen?

3. Does everyone speak like that where you’re from?

4. Literally, as opposed to metaphorically?

5. Are those pyjamas or just Jack Wills?

6. How are you liking your shared student house?

7. What’s it like without your en-suite?

8. Apparently you’re an activist?

8. Is your middle name Quentin? Or Tarquin? Or both?

9. What did you get up to on your gap year?

10.  What’s it like playing soggy biscuit?

11. Can I get a lift in your Mercedes?

12. Can I perhaps borrow some money?


So give the rah’s a break.

They can have fun too.