Meanwhile At UWE…

UOB wasn’t alone in having student elections last week. Here’s how the other half of the city got on…

Vote for woolly clothing, not woolly policies says this candidate for President. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t win:

Is it just me or is this guy’s excessive pointing kinda intimidating?

Candidate for VP Education Megan Edmunds (who incidentally won) doesn’t help the UWE stereotype:

“Have a calculator on Blackboard so it can accumulate what your grades are to know what you’ll have at the end of your degree, a 2:1 or 2:2”

VP Sport & Health candidate Claire Tresidder manages to break Hannah Pollak’s record for most manifesto puns:

However, unlike Hannah, Claire didn’t win. This guy did:

Chris White

This is a genuine campaign video. If anything this proves Bristol’s candidates weren’t trying hard enough with their efforts:

This guy actually ran on a platform of wearing a pink shirt. Even better, he actually won! His slogan needed some work though: “Elect this guy wearing pink, daring to think bigger better brighter bolder your #1 choice for VP Community and Welfare”

Thomas Renhard: the guy in pink

Finally, when it comes to results, UWE take a far more X Factor-esque approach. Very showbiz: