Elections 2013: Your Photos

Some of our favourite photos from this year’s campaigns

Sport & Health candidate Hannah Pollak meets the people in her Macklemore onesie

VP Education candidate Amy Collis claims some valuable Woodland Rd real estate

Farooq Sabri, running for VP Education, has his own Farooqmobile
Photo: Jessie Fuellenkemper

If Hugh Loxton is elected VP Community, he’ll put ‘studets’ before cars. Good to know.
Photo: Tom Flynn

Rob Griffiths’ photo overlays have allowed voters to easily show who they’re voting for

Some candidates like Ellie Williams (VP Community) have been campaigning in clubs…

…whilst others have gone as far afield as Australia!

Tabby St Vincent hopes her cakes will help her get your vote for VP Sport & Health

Natasha Foote hopes her facial hair won’t put you off choosing her for Part-Time Ethics Officer

Sahar Hassan shows us campaigning doesn’t have to just be done during the daytime

Running for Women’s Officer, Natasha Kendall opts for the sandwich board approach

Alice Phillips’ Women’s Officer campaign poster has a familiar look

One from Cross Country Club declaring their support for current VP Hannah