Dormant Corbin Back In The Frame

Jamie Corbin returns as Sports Night photographer after being replaced last week.

BNOC Jamie Corbin will be returning to Dorma this evening as Sports Night photographer having been ousted last week by a rival company.

Good to have you back Jamie!
Photo: Jamie Corbin

Corbin, well known amongst students for his extensive coverage of university events, has become synonymous with Sports Night over the last few years but was told last week by promoters Alibi Bristol they would be trialling a different photographer.

Incredibly, the promoters gave Corbin only 24 hours notice of their decision, giving him no time to find alternative work for the evening.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Corbin informed his friends of the news, prompting messages of support from several students.

Some even staged their own protest within Dorma later in the night, with students bringing along homemade ‘Bring Jamie Back’ signs.

Unsurprisingly, the company brought in to replace Jamie were far from successful, and Alibi Bristol have re-instated Corbin as tonight’s photographer. Whether other companies will be trialled in future weeks remains to be seen.

Jamie Corbin told The Tab: “Apparently the company they were trialling were one of these that try and sell their photos – and nobody bought any so they don’t want to do it again.”

“I could have told them that would happen!”

Corbin’s return means Bristol students can once again look forward to waking up tomorrow morning to pictures as brilliantly bewildering as this:

Hands off, the racket’s MINE!!!
Photo: Jamie Corbin