Sporting Scott Stunned By Smear

Anonymous email accuses candidate of racist/sexist behaviour

VP Sport & Health candidate Scott Darroch has been accused of sexist and racist behaviour by a targeted smear campaign.

An anonymous message sent to Tab HQ hours before voting opened contained supposedly incriminating screenshots from Scott’s Facebook profile, seemingly with the intent of derailing his election hopes.

One features a word puzzle suggesting women belong in the kitchen, whilst in the second Scott mentions “insulting a 13 year old black girl on a facebook group about racism”.

The first of two screenshots sent to Tab HQ

The timing of the message, coupled with the fact the second screenshot contains a post over three years old, suggests whoever is responsible has gone to extraordinary lengths to try and affect Scott’s campaign.

The 2nd screenshot, dated from over 3 years ago

When contacted by The Tab, Scott was disappointed to learn somebody has resorted to mudslinging.

“I’ve gone into this campaign honestly, and myself and my team have made an effort to play fair and play by the rules. Some people tear other people’s campaign posters down, I don’t. This is done on purpose…someone was fishing for exactly this sort of material.”

As for the accusation these posts suggest he is both racist and sexist, Scott insists the allegations are unfounded.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m not that sort of person, ask any of my friends.”

“One of these posts was years ago when I was still at school and was actually me proving to my friends people can be irrational and react hastily on Facebook.”

Scott, whose campaign video has been a success with Tab readers, remains confident of success despite this attempt to turn voters against him. Students who are still undecided on who to vote for can meet him and the other Sport & Health candidates at Bunker on Thursday night.

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