Candidate Caricatures #2

Time for the rest of this year’s full-time candidates to meet their cartoon doubles!

Part Two

The wait is over. As campaigning week passes the half-way mark it’s time for the rest of this year’s candidates for full-time positions to meet their cartoon doubles.

VP Activities

Cartoon: Phuong Tee

It’s a straight-up battle of student media in the Activities category as Burst Radio’s Tom Sturdy takes on UBTV’s Imogen Palmer.

Will this be another case of ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’? Who knows. Tom certainly shouldn”t be written off. After all, this is a man who knows three languages (apparently).

Imogen on the other hand is an experienced comedienne (she’s even performed at the Edinburgh Fringe), so we’re expecting her to give the funniest victory/concession speech come next Friday.

VP Sport & Health

L-R: Hannah Pollak, Danielle Simpson, Scott Darroch, Tabby St Vincent
Cartoon: Josh Gabbatiss

As you’d expect, sport and health is a very competitive category with Hannah Pollak running for re-election against three very strong candidates. Hannah will hope being Bristol’s equivalent to ‘Photogenic Guy’ will be enough to secure her key votes.

Danielle Simpson describes herself as a ‘tall and loud Canadian’ which unfortunately doesn’t really come across in this cartoon. She’s also responsible for the ‘exhilarating’ women’s football socials. As we’ve never been we’ll have to take her word for it.

As the only guy in the category, Scott Darroch may sense he needs to get female voters on side, which explains his proposal to make the downstairs area of the gym more female-friendly. No word on how good Scott is at organising sport socials but given he plays hockey, we can sort of guess.

Finally, Tabby St Vincent who you probably recognise from the Harry Potter movies she was an extra in. Fans of Tabby’s work can also catch her in Zombie Office, which scores an impressive 3.2 on IMDb and should quite frankly be essential viewing every Halloween.


Cartoon: Phuong Tee

It’s here. The big one. Kelvin v Rob. Rob v Kelvin. Finally available in cartoon form.

Rob Griffiths will be known to most students through his work with Burst Radio. What students might not know is Rob considers his greatest weakness to be his “inability to restrain my debit card on a night out”. Come results night, be sure to stand next to him at the bar.

Kelvin Chen is President of LGBT+ and was one of the organisers behind the recent Kiss-In Valentine’s stunt. He also claims to spend some Saturdays giving out soup and bread to the homeless people of Bristol, suggesting students probably won’t go hungry if he wins.

Thank you to our brilliant cartoonists Josh and Phuong for their work on these. You can check out more of Josh’s work in Natural Planet, which he also edits.