UBTV: Clic Preview

UBTV bring us an exclusive sneak peek at this weekend’s CLIC show!

One of the most anticipated events of the student calendar is nearly here. No, not the student elections dummy. We’re talking about Clic 2013.

FUZE set the bar pretty high for fundraising entertainment last term but now it’s the turn of the Bristol Medics to show us what they can do, and UBTV have put together a fantastic trailer to whet your appetite.


If that’s not enough UBTV have decided to muscle in on Tab territory by producing a fortnightly news show, ensuring even students who can’t read can stay up to date with the latest goings-on.

CLIC: Coming Soon

Every year Bristol’s Medical students prove it’s not a question of brains or brawn. Some people really do have it all.

For its 20th anniversary the Clicendales Medic Strip show is going to bigger than ever and UBTV has got a sneak preview at the bodies (and brains!) which will be steaming up the O2 this Saturday.


Proving university life isn’t all about dancing and nudity we’ve launched a brand new fortnightly news show, bringing you all the latest goings on from campus.

In its first episode UBTV News looks at Meat Free Mondays, UBU’s Look After Your Mate Campaign and Capital Punishment.

Election Coverage

That’s just a few picks from a hugely varied week for UBTV. But that variety is about to stop because election season is upon us again and everyday this week we’ll be releasing interviews with the UBU candidates.

Get ready for interpretive dance, physical challenges, party tricks, nauseating amounts of marshmallows, awkward moments and maybe the occasional question about policy as Jake Miller and Linds Russell take on the candidates.