Uni Grinch Steals Christmas

Changes to term dates leave students with shorter Christmas and Easter breaks

A new timetabling structure means Bristol students will have a shorter Christmas break from next year.

The change will also see students return to lectures sooner after the summer and have a shorter Easter break.

You’re a mean one Mr Grinch…

The shorter holidays are the result of the University’s switch to two uninterrupted teaching blocks, “with formal examinations taking place in two dedicated periods at the end of each teaching block”.

While red brick universities traditionally start term much later than their ex-poly counterparts, Bristol students will be back in lectures from 30th September, just a week after UWE.

Freshers’ week will begin even earlier on 23rd September.

The term will stretch for 12 full weeks, and not finish for Christmas until 20th December. The spring term will then commence a mere three weeks later on 10th January, leaving less time to revise for exams.

Students may have less time to study
Photo: MC Quinn (Flickr)

There will then be another 12 week slog, with all teaching completed by 4th April. Three weeks holiday and a one week revision period follow, before exams begin on 5th May 2014.

However, the changes mean summer will come quicker, starting on 13th June.

The changes set Bristol further apart from rival institutions such as Oxford, whose Michaelmas term does not begin until 13th October, a full two weeks later after Bristol.

There are also concerns events such as the Snowsports Club’s annual Christmas trip are in jeopardy, as lectures will still be taking place during the weeks the trip traditionally runs. The Tab are yet to receive comment from the club about how they plan to deal with the new timetable.

The changes also mean some departments such as Engineering may begin to have January exams, rather than all their assessment being left until the summer.

A university spokesperson told The Tab, “the University is working with the Students’ Union to assess the wider impact of the changes on the student body on an ongoing basis”.

Will you or your society be affected by the changes to term dates next year? Let us know: [email protected]