Is This The New Internet Craze?

Facebook page Bristol Hook-Ups allows students to re-connect with one night stands

Following in the wake of Confessions and Spotted, a new Facebook page called ‘Bristol Hook-Ups‘ has racked up over 1,000 likes in under a week.

The page, “specifically designed to help the fellow drunk locate his/her Bristol hookup”, is based on similar pages from American universities, such as UCSB Hook-Ups.

Is this the future?

Unlike the American originals, the Bristol page is still light on content with just five posts as of midday today. This lack of content however hasn’t stopped it from proving incredibly popular with students.

“It’s really funny,” one girl told The Tab. “It needs more on it though.”

So far, stories posted on the page have erred on the unsavoury side, ranging from a 20 year old guy who possibly pulled a sixth form student, to a girl who was too “blacked out” to remember having sex with the guy she took home.

The most popular “hook-up” involves a girl berating a Swedish student she pulled for being a terrible lay and stealing her underwear.

Do you know this man?

The page continues a run of successful student Facebook pages this academic year. Bristol Uni Confessions allowed students to anonymously post embarrassing stories about themselves or their friends.

More recently, Spotted: In The ASS has enjoyed great success allowing students to pass anonymous messages of love and hate to other library users.

However, not every page has been so popular. A Spotted in the gym page was closed down after students complained and accused the page of promoting bullying, whilst a Spotted in Lizard Lounge page has so far failed to break the 1,000 likes barrier.