Brystal Palace 0 – 3 Helix XI

Helix triumph as Palace put in a lacklustre performace

Brystal Palace faced Fusion XI in last week’s match-up, in a game purists declared as ‘one for the ages’.

The trend for new recruits continued, as Ed Hills stepped in for CDM Dave Ratcliffe, last seen gone walkabout on the Downs.

Pre-kick off, the two teams seemed evenly matched. It is true, the Palace had the jump on the opposition for pure size, but as had been seen earlier in the season, size does not mean skill.

Di Gradi elected to go for the tried and tested 4-5-1, despite some grumblings from the team about its effectiveness. Palace were matching up against a classic 4-4-2 from the Fusion boys.

The first 20 went by with little comment, although the opposition’s front 6 were causing problems for Palace. Wing-back Talkington was subbed off early, citing illness. Pacy Harry Zundel came on, fresh from a spell on Broadway as Billy Elliot. The first goal came just before half time, with a neat through ball slotted past keeper Mo.

At half-time things Palace remained hopeful of a come-back, hopes which were swiftly dispelled at the start of the second half.

Two goals came early on. One was a penalty, probably a dive, possibly brought down by LWB Case, who maintains the striker fell ‘like a precarious jenga tower’.

However, the tactics the boys in red and white have often resorted to in the last quarter this season mean they deserve to concede more than a few penalties.

Following the boys over this season it has become clear they lack a goalscoring threat. This correspondent recommends a change to 4-4-2, in order to provide more penetration up front.

The second half will have left the gaffer much to think about as Palace never really threatened the opposition’s half.

MOTM: Ed Hills. The newcomer really put himself around.


Goalkeeper: Jamie Robertson-Macleod

Defence: Talki Talkington, Charles Case, Huxley Ogilvy, Henry Wilson, Harry Zundel.

Midfield: Jake Rogers, Andy Quaile, Ollie Feather, Max Connolly, Ed Hills.

Strikeforce: Declan Grady.