Meat Free Un-Bloody Mondays!

Meat Free Mondays: a wise move?

As if having to brave through the Arctic winds to the dullest lecture you’ve ever been to wasn’t bad enough on a Monday morning, the carnivores amongst us now have a new reason to strongly dislike Mondays.

Whilst you sit in your lecture cold and hungry, you start imagining a grassy field of horses cows. All you want is some meaty protein to sustain those achin’ Harlem Shakin’ muscles but then it dawns on you it’s Monday. Meat free un-bloody Monday!

You could take a 2 minute walk to Co-Op or any of the cafes on Saint Michael’s Hill but it’s raining, and cold. So instead you start planning a riot. Meat free Mondays infringe on your beliefs in individuality and personal freedom after all!

They punish us with more reading than is humanly possible and now they want to take our meat?

Off the menu no matter how badly you want it
Photo: roens (Flickr)

But wait a minute. Yes, meat is an excellent source of protein which is needed for pretty much everything in your body you need to survive, such as building new cells.

Meat also provides zinc; iron and vitamin B12 which help keep your bones strong, boost your immune system and can even help with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

But the undeniable fact is that as a nation we consume way too much meat and not enough veggies, beans, nuts and pulses and other delicious sources of protein.

These bad habits play havoc with our health, and the quality and safety of the meat we’re provided with, as well as the welfare and treatment of the animals which are butchered.

If you breed animals to eat them at least treat them right! A happier animal is a healthier animal and if cutting down our meat consumption is a step in the right direction then let it be.

Meat Free Mondays make this cow very happy
Photo: Purple Slog (Flickr)

So before we all start BBQ-ing our bras and pants in protest let us remember we aren’t the only species trying to survive in the world.

A little less meat and a little more respect for the living is definitely a wise decision taken by the University. Plus if it cuts costs so we get more out of our fees than the last partially-squished coronation chicken sandwich in the ASS (you love it), then surely meat free Mondays aren’t a reason to stress about our freedom of choice.