Harlem Flake!

Bristol students give viral video the cold shoulder

Proving student apathy isn’t just reserved for politics, this afternoon’s Harlem Shake attracted a pitiful crowd of under fifty students.

The turnout was surprisingly low given the ‘Harlem Shake at UBU’ Facebook page has attracted over 400 likes.

Prior to today, the organisers of the stunt had hoped to take on UCL who claim to have staged the biggest Harlem Shake in Europe. UCL’s much better attempt can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

So much for getting the word out…

Bristol’s Harlem Shake was originally to be staged in the ASS library last Friday but was postponed after the university intervened, claiming there would be too many people taking part and there was a risk of damage to university property.

Such claims may seem ridiculous in hindsight, but far more importantly the end of this sorry saga means we never have to talk about the Harlem Shake again. For this, we are eternally grateful.