Union “Dominated By Political Ideologues”

Labour party member slams fellow students for being “political careerists”

In a controversial debate at last night’s Student Council meeting, Labour student Oliver Segal attacked students running for Union positions, labelling them as “careerists and political ideologues”.

The comments were made as part of Segal’s motion to make all candidates for student elections openly declare their political affiliations in advance, a suggestion which was savaged by opposing speakers and managed to gain only five votes in its favour.

Labourite Oliver Segal
Photo: bristolvantage.com

Segal, who stood in a council election at the age of 18 for the Labour party, argued political ambition and bias have caused student officers to make poor decisions as they were too focused on their own interests.

Interestingly, Segal claimed his criticism wasn’t directed at any of the current sabbatical officers who were present, but instead pointed the finger at students from previous years.

The controversial proposal was met with widespread opposition from the room, with Segal accused of attempting to turn Union elections into party political elections. Opponents argued a declaration of political allegiance could cause students to vote for a candidate for their political beliefs rather than their policies.

The suggestion was also described as a slippery slope which could lead to future candidates also having to declare their religion, sexuality and other personal preferences.

In a bid to save face, the motion’s seconder Samuel Betteridge argued students wouldn’t be swayed by a candidate’s political inclination, an assertion which, as the opposition pointed out, undermined the whole point of the motion.

To the delight of the room, the proposal died on its feet, and was the only motion at the meeting to not pass.