New Archery Society Has Us All A-Quiver

New archery club is hosting an open session this weekend

A new Archery Club has been set up by students, finally providing a home to all Lord Of The Rings fans let down by the lack of cool elves shooting arrows in The Hobbit.

The club are hosting a ‘Have A Go’ session this Sunday, with all students welcome, even those who intend to spend most of the afternoon telling people ‘you have my bow’. Other pop culture references to archers will be accepted, though Robin Hood impressions will likely be dismissed as unoriginal.

The session will run from 4-6pm at Kingsdown Sports Centre and costs just £1 for non-members. More details can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

Rebecca: big fan of bows

Rebecca Packwood, one of the students behind the new society, told The Tab “We want to start up an archery club because there is a distinct lack of anything to do with bows in Bristol. The beauty of archery is anyone can do it regardless of age, size or gender.”

Should your age, size or gender exclude you from doing anything else this Sunday, Rebecca and the other archers hope to see you at the trial session. Even if you do come dressed as Legolas.