What’s In Your Wardrobe: Katie

The Tab gets an access-all-areas pass to Katie’s vintage wardrobe collection

On first glance, Katie’s bedroom could easily be mistaken for any other student digs.

Books on her subject of study lie neglected in favour of Facebook, empty coffee cups from late night study sessions surround her work area and laundry is hung up to dry in all manner of inventive ways.

However, once you begin snooping, you uncover the real Katie.

A pink vintage typewriter sits pride of place amongst her collection of bags, along with an old camera here, and a gramophone there.

Katie’s gramophone

‘I use all of them’ she says looking admirably at an old record. ‘I live in the past.’

Everywhere you look there is suggestion of Katie’s fashion fetish. Her DVD collection consists of The September Issue and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her door is a collaged shrine to her favourite Vogue shoots, copies of which are strewn around her bedside.

Some of Katie’s stylish reads

‘I actually prefer Elle’ she confesses, ‘but my boyfriend bought me a subscription to Vogue so I ought to read it really!’

Unlike most of the female population Katie does not fall under the stereotype of shoe addict.

‘I’m far more of a bag lady’ she admits, which is evident by her collection of Longchamp suitcases. A bright orange Jaeger bag hangs pride of place on her coat rack.

‘I bought that with my Christmas money. I looked at Mulberry and Longchamp bags but they are just so stereotypical Bristol uni! Plus I got this in the sale.’

More of Katie’s vintage treasures

Katie’s eye for a bargain suggests she could be a student David Dickinson with every other object I point at being sourced from eBay.

The Cos dress

‘I love Cos’ she said of her lime green dress. ‘I get it on eBay so it’s all really cheap, my friends don’t like it because they think it’s too baggy but I just love the cut.’

It appears Katie is not one to follow the crowd as when I ask her to show me something she might wear on a night out she produces a Ted Baker dress dripping with sequins. From eBay, of course.

‘No one in Bristol dresses up when going out. It’s all very “I’ll wear my t-shirt , shorts and flats”’ she says gazing at her dress which she has accessorized with an Anna Dello Russo bracelet. ‘I find UWE students are far more dressy.’

THE dress

Although her enthusiasm for the fashion world is blinding, her attitude doesn’t match the sulky, stuck up stereotype of fashion editor. She laughs whilst pulling tongue in cheek poses when being photographed, mimicking the falseness she dislikes so much in street style photography.

Katie’s take on the classic street style pose

Despite much of Katie’s style revolving around vintage influences, her style somehow seems fresh and interesting, though it definitely helps that all of her outfits are accessorized with a never-fading smile.

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