#imjustsayin: The Cowshed

Cowshed may be famed for its meat but Sunday lunch leaves Katie cold. Thankfully there’s no horsemeat to be found!

Where? Cowshed, White Ladies Rd
When? Sunday
Ordered: Confit Pork Belly, Roast Lamb, Steak on a Stone
Bill: £54.20
Good For: Aesthetics, Cauliflower Cheese
Bad For: Style over Substance

Style over Substance

Last Sunday, following my rather disastrous visit to the Kensington Arms, myself and two friends decided to try the infamous Cowshed on Whiteladies Road.

In my first year I had been out to dinner here with a friend, and although it cost a hefty sum, I had a wonderful evening. Needing somewhere for a Sunday roast, I could think of nowhere better than the eatery famous for its meat.

The Cowshed is a beautifully chic and comforting restaurant. The exposed stone and rustic wooden tables do a great job of replicating good old English country style.

As usual, it was absolutely packed and so I would strongly advise booking…should you want to visit.

As the prices for a starter went up to a bank blowing £8.95, we decided to just dive straight in and have one course. I ordered the confit pork belly, a favourite dish of mine, while my two friends ordered the lamb saddle and the Cowshed’s famous ‘steak on a stone’ (an enticing yet pricey option at nearly £25 a go).

Sipping on my Orangina (no alcohol for me after a heavy Saturday night- not that I could afford it at their prices anyway) I waited, and waited, and waited.

Eventually, an hour after having stepped through the doors, our roasts arrived on a glorious wooden board. And when I say ‘our’ I do mean all of our meals, on one board.

Sure, it looked great; towers of potatoes and the juicy looking lamb and pork on this wooden plank. But was the wow-factor worth it?

Short answer: no.

Once again I was cursed with cold meat. As the board was cold, so had become our lamb and pork belly.

The steak on a stove was rather spectacular to look at (we used the stone to heat up our meats!) although if you like your steak well done you should avoid this pricey dish.

The first few pieces certainly cooked well, but by the time you had eaten them, the stone was too cold to fully cook the remaining steaks!

In summary: slow service, cold food and expensive prices made for a disappointing meal. On the upside the servers were friendly and it is a beautifully decorated restaurant.

I cannot deny once my pork had been heated a little more it was succulent and delicious.  If the meat had been hot enough to begin with it would have been a near-perfect eating experience.

Instead, Cowshed falls short of its reputation. It’s home cooked food with a hefty price tag presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner – #imjustsayin