Bristol Has Condom Sense

Bristol gets all clear in first UK University Sexual Health Report Card

In good news for all those who were knocking boots this Valentine’s, a report assessing the sexual health services of Russell Group universities has ranked Bristol in 3rd place, awarding the uni a ‘first’ for its efforts.

In deciding which unis did the most to promote safe sex, the report considered the availability of contraception, STI testing and information on campus, amongst other factors.

The universities were graded from A-E on all individual aspects, with Bristol doing well across the board, bar one E in campus information.

Pipped to the post by Nottingham (also the ‘sexiest’ city in the UK), and King’s College London, Bristol was streets ahead of Cardiff, who brought up the rear without even a third to show for it.

Although likely only to guide particularly vigilant prospective students in their application choices, students will surely be pleased to know that UoB has the sexual health of its young people in mind.

“Third place sounds about right,” commented one student who did not wish to be named, “whenever I go to the health service they practically throw condoms at you.”

Not all students would agree with the verdict. The Tab heard from a couple of students who recently had their blood samples get lost in the system, with no explanation of what might have happened to them.